Mutsuko Minegishi shihan’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations.


Shizentai Aikido dojo 2012

More than 20 years ago Mutsuko Minegishi Shihan, the highest ranking female Aikidoka in the world introduced Aikido for children and youth in South Africa. She is widely known for her wisdom and how to teach children and youth, the philosophy and art of Aikido.


50th annniversary celebrations a letter from our chief Instructor

This year marks sensei’s 50th year in Aikido.Here is a letterof congratulations. Sensei is a pioneer in the development of Aikido for women and children and inspired me to start the Shizentai Aikido kids development programme.


50th anniversary celebrations! Messages from
our Shizentai students


Congratulations sensei here’s to many more years of your teaching “onegaishimas”

Watch this space for details to follow of Minegishi sensei’s special event….

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